The Project Delta Classroom

Welcome to Project Delta

hProject Delta is located at Swaminarayan School which is across the road from the well-known Swaminarayan Hindu Temple in Neasden, London.

Very probably, ours is the first computer classroom in the world to have a completely industry standard and power-safe laptop computing environment with zero running costs and zero CO2 impact.

It has been built according to the design of Dr Matt Stewart,  who monitors and  studies the energy flows by remote-access in Strathclyde, Glasgow.

All the laptops are powered over the ethernet  (PoE). Each desk has a ‘splitter’ to divide the power and data  into two cables for the relevant ports. This design feature saves the very significant cost of installing 13A sockets in new buildings. The power and data are combined by three ‘midspans’.

The classroom has dual-use desks and a dedicated network of Samsung Notebooks and Chromebooks, with its own server. The School’s Mathematics Department is now researching the optimal use of ICT in the teaching and learning of Mathematics.

The services of a good programmer are required for the next stage of the Research in Mathematics Education. Funding is available. Please see further under ‘Learning and Teaching’.

Project Delta is committed to

  • Minimising wastage of resources and time
  • Maximising local autonomy  
  • Spreading access to good education universally
  • Active co-operation between people to promote the common good

Our long term aim is to design and produce an effective computer classroom powered by renewable energy, deployable in any suitable place across the world.